Hasnain Ali

Hasnain graduated from George Ranch High School in 2016 and will be attending Rice University this fall, majoring in Economics and Computer Science. He has qualified for the USAJMO, represented Texas at ARML, and ranked at local math competitions such as those at Rice, TAMU, and UH. He has qualified for state and ranked in multiple Science Olympiad events while also actively participating in Speech & Debate, Science Bowl, and his own business.

Hasnain has spent his summers interning at a private equity and accounting firm, volunteering at the Health Museum Houston, coaching middle school students for MATHCOUNTS and Science Olympiad, and helping the community through service projects as an Eagle Scout.

In his free time, Hasnain enjoys camping, playing basketball and ultimate frisbee, and learning about cars.

Eric Li

Eric is a rising senior at Clements High School. He has previously qualified for the USAJMO multiple times and won the Texas MATHCOUNTS competition in 2013. He also frequently volunteers with the contest math program at Fort Settlement MS and at local TMSCA competitions. Eric was also a Siemens Regional Finalist in 2015 for research conducted in the combinatorial topic of hypergraphs. While his plans for the future are uncertain, he hopes to pursue a path compatible with his interests in math and computer science.

In his free time, Eric enjoys sleeping, playing sports, messing around with music, browsing Reddit, and researching about shoes.

Wilbur Li

Wilbur graduated in 2016 out of Clements High School in Sugar Land, TX, and he is heading to MIT in the fall. His focus is in math, computer science, and physics. He has won the USAJMO and subsequently attended MOP, attained Platinum level in the USACO competitions, and earned two Bronze USAPhO medals.

Wilbur has also conducted science research for the last two summers. He was awarded Siemens Semifinalist in 2015 for Mathematics research with RSI at MIT, and again in 2014 for Engineering research with Honors Mathworks in San Marcos.

Wilbur has begun teaching work in past years, instructing classes and groups of students from an elementary to high school level. He also enjoys private tutoring and motivating younger students to expand their horizons.

Shreya Thipireddy

Shreya will be starting 11th grade at Dulles High School this August. In previous years she has placed in the top 10 in Texas MathCounts State, qualified for the Po Leung Kuk competition held in Hong Kong, competed as part of the Texas ARML team, and qualified for AIME multiple times. Shreya has also participated as part of the school’s team in competitions such as UIL State and Octathlon, and she hopes to be on the school’s Decathlon team next year.

In her free time, she enjoys watching thrillers and horror movies, reading dystopian novels, and playing soccer, which she does on the Dulles Girls Varsity Soccer team. She also likes riddles, logic puzzles, and all kinds of jokes, especially puns.

Fan Zhou

Fan left Winterfell at a young age to train under the mightiest sorcerers of the Seven Kingdoms and hone his lethal spellcasting skills.

Entering 12th grade at Clements High School, Fan is a USAMO qualifier as well as a two-time Honorable Mention on the USAPhO. Fan’s primary interest lies in mathematics and physics, particularly nice enumeration problems and all things Lagrangian.

In his free time, Fan enjoys whistling, playing the piano, browsing dank memes, crushing n00bs in StarCraft, and tinkering with combinatorial species.

Archer Wang

Exploring the upcoming year at Clements High School as a junior, Archer is a 4-time USA(J)MO qualifier, a 2-time participant of National MATHCOUNTS, a member of the 3rd place winning team at National Science Bowl (NSB), and a finalist selected from the Platinum division to attend the USACO Training Camp (Top 24 in the country). An avid cello player as well, he has performed twice in the Texas All-State Symphony Orchestra.

Archer also regularly volunteers at Fort Settlement Middle School, coaching the math team for competitions year-round. In addition, he is actively involved in a music organization that holds monthly volunteer performances at nursing homes and hospitals, annual fund-raising charity events, and other venues.

In his free time, Archer plays basketball against invisible opponents on the driveway, takes power naps on his stomach, hops around between social media apps, and perpetually tosses his slinky as a way to pass time.