Yating Hou

My name is Yating Hou. I graduated from University of Houston with my master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. I have 3 years of teaching experience. I was a teacher at T.H. Roger Elementary School and Briarmeadow Charter School. I created interesting lesson plans, engaged questions and evaluated students after each class. In addition, I was a tutor in Inspiration Education and I taught Math and Contest Math classes. My most recent teaching experience was teaching Calculus I lab class in University of Houston. During each class, I prepared lesson plan and encouraged students to ask questions. If they had any additional questions, they could also come to my office during my office hour. Almost all students in my class got good grades at the end of the semester.

After years of studying math, I understand how different ways of teaching can made a big impact on students. A boring lesson plan can push grades down, and an interesting lesson plan can draw interests to the class, and students may start to love math just because of one simple math lesson.