Free Online Math Sessions by Andrew, Ben, Justin, and Luke

The “Quartet” formed the original Texas Team that won the MATHCOUNTS Nationals in 2016. With Ben and Justin both heading to MIT in the fall, the four decided to hold a few math sessions for students who have just started their “math” journey.

  • Andrew Cai: 2X MATHCOUNTS Nationals Runner-Up, MOPper, HMMT February Combinatorics Winner
  • Ben Wright: MATHCOUNTS Nationals Countdown Participant, MOPper, HMMT February Geometry #8
  • Justin Yu: MATHCOUNTS Nationals Countdown Participant, MOPper
  • Luke Robitaille: 2X MATHCOUNTS Nationals Champion, HMMT Feb Individual Winner, IMO Gold Metalist

We are running six free special sessions during the next two weeks, aimed towards students who score ~15 on AMC 8.

We will cover six topics during these sessions:

These meetings will be on Monday (3/23, 3/30), Wednesday (3/25, 4/1), and Friday (3/27, 4/3) from 5pm-6pm Central Time. To participate, you need to register below via ZOOM. You can select multiple sessions/times when you register. After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link. Zoom link will open at 4:55PM CT and the first 1,000 users will be able to connect. 

MATHCOUNTS Nationals 2016 – Washington DC

4 Years Later in 2020 – Boston