Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Entering Grades: 7-10

Date: July 22 – Aug 2

Time: 1 PM – 4 PM

Price: $500

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most important and popular topics in the world of the day. From self-driving cars to face recognition, machines that talk to us to creating artificial art, all made possible by artificial intelligence. Knowing what AI is, and furthermore using it on every aspect of our lives are nothing unusual anymore.

In this course, we will be learning about ML and AI, what are they and where do we use them. Then we will use some AI methods to solve some problems using Python. After grasping the math and learning the pipeline (process), students will be given a problem to solve on their own in class. We all will have a basic understanding of how things work with AI and ML.

Note: It is required for students to bring their own laptops.


  • Algebra
  • Python