Introduction to Physics 1

Entering Grades: 9-12

Date: June 3 – 14

Time: 1 PM – 4 PM

Price: $650

This algebra­-based Physics course is for middle/high school students who are new to physics with no prior physics course work necessary. Students should have completed algebra I and geometry. This summer course will also give students a head start if they would like to prepare for the F=ma contest.

Prerequisite: Algebra 1, Geometry

Selected topics from below will be covered:


  • Definitions
  • Position-time graphs
  • Velocity-time graphs
  • Acceleration
  • Algebraic kinematics
  • Projectile motion

Forces and Newton’s Laws

  • Force and Net Force
  • Mass and Weight
  • Normal force
  • Friction force
  • Inclined Planes,
  • Newton’s Third Law
  • Gravitational force
  • Gravitational and inertial mass
  • Uniform circular motion
  • Force of a spring

Impulse, momentum, collisions

  • Momentum
  • Impulse
  • Conservation of momentum in collisions
  • Center of mass

Work-Energy Theorem

  • Definition of Work
  • Equations for different forms of energy
  • Vertical springs
  • Power
  • Rotational KE