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Intro to Debate for Middle Schoolers

Entering Grades: 6-8

Date: July 8 – 19

Time: 1 PM – 4 PM

Price: $400

Teacher: Washington

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of debating and argumentation. We will cover the reasons why civilized debate is important in our day and age, and how to properly structure and deliver a persuasive argument. Lessons will include how to include emotional appeals as well as how to incorporate factual evidence, two skills that are crucial to making a convincing case. Students will also be given an introduction to junior high and high school debate activities, and will learn what those events are like.

After going through this camp, students will be more confident in their own voices and more knowledgeable about issues in the world around them. They will also learn crucial research and presentation skills that will help them throughout their school and work careers. Debate isn’t just arguing – it’s the ability to communicate clearly and present your ideas. These skills will help a child throughout their lives.