Intorduction to Java

Entering Grades: 8-11

Date: June 3-28

Time: 9 AM – 12 PM

Price: $1,300

Teacher: Dr. Zhang

This course is designed to teach students the basics of Java programming with the overview of Java language, variables and calculations, program flow, and arrays, ArrayLists, object-oriented programming, graphical user interface, and simple game development. The purpose is to inspire students from game playing (sometimes too much) to explore computer programming. This four-week summer camp course is suitable for students from 6th grade or up. Upon successful completion of this course, students can take the AP Computer Science course in high school or participate in the USACO contests.

Note: It is required for students to bring their own laptops. No prior programming experience is required.

The sessions of this course are listed below:

Week 1
1. Java Overview
2. Variables and Operations
3. For-Loops
4. Conditional Statements
Week 1 Labs

Week 2
5. Java Input
6. Java Strings
7. While Loops
8. Objected Oriented Programming
Week 2 Labs

Week 3
9. Nested Loops
10. Arrays
11. ArrayLists
12. Inheritance
Week 3 Labs

Week 4
13. GUI: Text and Shape in a Window
14. Animation: Moving Car
15. Game Design: Space Invader
16. Game Design: Space Invader
Week 4 Labs