<strong>CS401: USACO Silver</strong>
<p style=”margin-left: 40px;”>This course is designed to help students to prepare for the USACO Silver division competition and promote to the Gold and Platinum divisions. In addition to the commonly used tools, data structures including stacks, queues, lists and the corresponding searching and sorting algorithms will be introduced and used frequently. As brute force algorithms normally won’t be able to finish the computation within time limit, complexity analysis will be the focus of this course.</p>
Students will be trained to design algorithms to solve the problems with simpler test cases and then improve the algorithms to pass test cases with higher complexity. Loops and recursion will be compared to work for different circumstances. Also dynamic programming will be introduced as a powerful tool for some Silver problems. Problems from the most recent contests will be examined closely.

The sessions of this class are listed below:

1. Data Structures
2. User Defined Classes
3. Functions and Recursion
4. Sorting and Searching
5. Dynamic Programming
6. Brute Force and Improvement
7. Case Study: Cities and States (Dec 2016)
8. Case Study: MooCast (Dec 2016)
9. Case Study: Secret Cow Code (Jan 2017)
10. Case Study: Censoring (Feb 2015)
11. Case Study: Paired Up (US Open 2017)
12. Case Study: Bovine Genomics (US Open 2017)

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