Speech and Drama

This course is designed to equip students with the skills necessary for successful public speaking engagements and dynamic theatrical arts presentations. Students are challenged to work their interpretive skills as they hone precision into their diction and articulation, overcome shyness and stage-fright, learn to command authority and convince audiences through the best use of their facial expressions, hand gestures and body movements, study scripts for literary analysis, depth of knowledge and comprehension, as well as portray various roles for the purpose of character building and the overall development of greater human understanding. This class includes an end of the term personal performance and/or cast production for parents, family and friends to attend.

This course will build your student’sconfidence as itdevelops theircommunication and comprehension skills, and challenges their abilities of interpretation and self-expression. Students will enjoy the hardwork of proper speech, script analysis, the arts of persuasion and debate, as well as character portrayal and development. This class includes an end of the term production for parents to attend.