Middle School Science

This class will cover topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The class will help students in competitions such as Science Bowl and TMSCA Middle School Science. It will also introduce students the world of Science with exciting topics and hands on experience.

Following topics will be covered in Spring:


Session 1:  What is Physics? Elements of the SI – Base and Derive Units, Unit conversion and Dimensional Analysis
Session 2:  Motion
Session 3:  Heat and Thermo Dynamics
Session 4:  Electricity and Magnetism


Session 5:  The Atom , Molecules
Session 6:  Matter: Physical and Chemical Properties
Session 7:  The Periodic Table
Session 8:  Reactions and Biochemistry


Session 9:  Cell Structure and Cell Function, Microbes
Session 10:  Plants
Session 11:  Ivertebrates and Vertebrates
Session 12:  Animal Systems.