Middle School Public Speaking

This class introduces the basic concepts of speaking and performing with the goal of making a child more comfortable and proficient when presenting in front of a group or in any form of verbal communication. We will cover basic methods of debate and persuasive speaking, as well as all the do’s and don’ts of being a speaker. By the end of the class, the student will know how to speak or perform confidently using facts, emotion and logic in a clear manner. These are all valuable skills for any child in their school and work careers, and will give them both increased confidence and great life experiences.

Week 1: Why is Public Speaking important? How to structure speeches

Week 2: Traits of a good speaker and a bad speaker

Week 3: Impromptu speaking/planning a speech on your feet

Week 4: Communicating through acting/theater

Week 5: Communicating through acting/theater 2

Week 6: How to debate/argumentation

Week 7: Debating/argumentation 2

Week 8: Emotions in a speech

Week 9: Speaking with research/facts

Week 10: Speaking/tongue twister games and activities

Week 11: Monologues and combining acting with Speaking

Week 12: Impromptu Persuasive Speeches