Math Kangaroo

Momentum Learning offers Math Kangaroo classes for future math enthusiasts. Students will not only learn arithmetic calculations but they will also be introduced to problem solving skills that will help them excel and build a strong foundation in math and science. This class helps young students master fundamental math concepts with practice and challenges. It will help students improve their scores on contests such as Math Kangaroo, Math League etc.

Class will cover topics:

‣ Times Table, Multiplication Facts
‣ Multiplying Big Numbers
‣ Perfect Squares
‣ Distributive Property

‣ Division Concepts
‣ Multiplication and Divisions
‣ Remainders
‣ Word Problems

‣ Metric System
‣ Proper Measuring

Perimeter and Area

Materials – Following Materials will be used in class
‣ Primary Mathematics
‣ Fact Fluency
‣ Beast Academy
‣ Groundworks
‣ Rocket Math
‣ Math Kangaroo and Math League Problems

During the course of this class, student will
‣ work on the handouts.
‣ engage in math games and activities.
‣ have a weekly homework

All handout, materials and projects will be sent home weekly.