English Reading and Writing Advancement G1-2

This class provides students with the foundation necessary to succeed in all academic areas through a balanced, integrated approach to literacy. Weekly outline will cover reading foundations, writing strategies, vocabulary, and grammar mechanics.


Week 1: Syllables, rhyming, consonant blends and digraphs.
Week 2: Short and long vowels, silent e, vowel teams, soft G and C.
Week 3: Organizing writing, topic sentences, and linking words.
Week 4: Author’s purpose, Opinion writing, and descriptive details.
Week 5: Setting and Character, identifying the purpose of a text, cause and effect.
Week 6: Prefixes, suffixes, homophones, compound words, and context clues.
Week 7: Synonyms, antonyms, reference skills, and text features.
Week 8: Sentences, fragments, run-ons, nouns, and pronouns.
Week 9: Identifying action and helping verbs, subject-verb agreement and verb tense.
Week 10: Adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions.
Week 11: Subjects and predicates, understanding informational passages and idioms.
Week 12: Identifying articles, capitalization, punctuation, contractions, and abbreviations.