CM503 – AMC10/AMC12 and AIME Prep (G8-11 Only)

Description: This is a ONE YEAR (two semesters) class. It is intended for students who have been active in math competitions for a few years and are willing to improve their scores by learning more in depths topics and techniques. CM503 helps students improve their scores on AMC10/12 and AIME.

Who should take this course? Students who wish to enroll this class are expected to have mid AMC 10 score (100+) and/or have completed our CM401 course for both fall and spring semesters.

Homework: A 10-15 question problem set will be assigned by the end of each class. Students are expected to spend about 2 hours per week outside the class to finish the homework.

Who should skip this course: Students who scored 5+ on AIME

What will be covered:

Week 1 Solving Equations and System of Equations
Week 2 Functions and Polynomials
Week 3 Inequalities and Optimization
Week 4 Sequences and Series
Week 5 Congruence and Similarity
Week 6 Cyclic Quadrilaterals and Ptolemy Theorem
Week 7 Computational Geometry (Laws and Sines and Cosines)
Week 8 Coordinates and Solid (3D) Geometry
Week 9 Three C’s Counting Techniques (Casework, Complementary, Constructive)
Week 10 Probability and Geometric Probability
Week 11 Prime Factorization; LCM and GCD; Diophantine Equations
Week 12 Modular Arithmetic and Divisibility

Spring CM503B

Week 1 Combinatorics I: Casework, Complementary and Constructive Counting
Week 2 Combinatorics II: Probability
Week 3 Algebra I: Word Problems, Inequalities and Optimization
Week 4 Algebra II: Operations, Functions and Graphing
Week 5 Algebra III: Trigonometry ( Algebra and Geometry Applications)
Week 6 Algebra IV: Logarithms and Complex Number
Week 7 Geometry I: Triangle and Circle Geometry
Week 8 Geometry II: Polygons and 3D Geometry
Week 9 Number Theory I: Prime Factorization and Divisibility
Week 10 Number Theory II: Diophantine Equations and Modular Arithmetic