CS201: Intermediate Java/AP CS Java

This course is designed to deepen the understanding of computer programming in Java. Topics include the input/output, arrays and arrayLists, inheritance, recursion, searching and sorting, and graphics user interface development. Upon completion of this course, students will be able independently design and implement some sophisticated programs. This 24-week course is suitable for students at 7th grade and up. The course will expand the Fall semester (12 weeks) and Spring semester (12 weeks). Algebra I and Computer Science I (Intro. to Comp. Sci.) are prerequisites.

Students will need to bring their own laptop computers to class.

The sessions of this class are listed below:
1. Introduction and Java Overview
2. Program Flow
3. Java Strings
4. Java Input and Output
5. Arrays and ArrayLists
6. Inheritance
7. Polymorphism
8. Abstract Classes and Interfaces
9. Recursion
10. Program and Class Design
11. Program Testing
12. Program Debugging

13. Searching
14. Sorting I
15. Sorting II
16. Algorithm Analysis
17. Numeral Systems
18. Application: Get 24
19. Application: Get 24
20. Simple Graphics User Interface
21. Layout and GUI Components
22. Application: Bubble Game
23. Application: Bubble Game
24. Application: Bubble Game