Online Winter Contest Math Camp

Contest Math Camp (Level 2 & 3): Our intensive winter contest math camp will prepare students for the upcoming math contests. Winter camps have different material than summer camps and fall/spring classes.


Note: The students should take the same level sessions if they want to take more than one session.


Math Camp Selection Criteria (All enrollments require instructor approval)

Level Topics Covered Pre-Requisite
Level 2 Selected topics on MATHCOUNTS National, AMC 10, AMC 12, and AIME For students who completed Algebra I and Geometry and can score 100+ on AMC 10 or Instructor Approval
Level 3 Advanced topics on AIME, HMMT, and PUMaC 5+ on AIME or Instructor Approval


Level 2: This class is for students who want to improve their performance on higher level competitions such as AMC 10-12 / National Level MATHCOUTNS.

Who should take this class: Students who completed Algebra I and Geometry and can score 100+ on AMC 10

Dates: Dec 30 – Jan 4 (6 half days)

9am – 12pm except on Jan 1 (10am – 1pm)

Tuition: $439

9am – 12pm (Nal, M )


Level 3: This class is for students who want to improve their performance on competitions such as AIME, HMMT, PUMaC

Pre-requisite: 6+ on AIME

Dates: Dec 30 – Jan 3 (5 half days)

1pm – 4pm except on Jan 1 (2pm – 5pm)

Teacher: Nal, M

Tuition: $439


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  • $40 annual registration fee (2019 Fall – 2020 Summer)



  • 10% discount if paid by 9/30;
  • 5% discount if paid by 10/31.


Refund Policy

  • $100 fee if canceling at least 4 weeks before camp starts
  • 50% credit if canceling within 4 weeks before camp starts.
  • No refund/credit after camp starts.